• You've got an idea that needs "hardware" and "software" design to become a reality…Maybe your currently successful needs to be updated... Or your overworked and budget-limited engineering department just needs some assistance.

  • You must get the hardware cost to a competitive level and that is going to take some work.  Creating an attractive package with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) control feature can make you more competitive. Plus, the design must be easy to modify for the next application or next generation of ideas.

  • Where do you find the talent? You could spend half your productive hours searching for new employees. Then, spend additional time training the new hires in the must-know information. Finally, after completing the project, you may not have had time to fully plan the next project, leaving your new employees idle at full salary?

  • You have to get your current staff to increase their output to cover the extra effort needed. How is  this possible?

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`updated 09/2005