MEE Technology has the experience, the creative ability, the professionalism, and the determination that is difficult to recruit quickly and successfully. MEE Technology  can step in and get you where you want to be by helping define and clarify the  product requirements, by developing the hardware and software, by providing documentation and training, and by assisting with follow-on test, manufacturing, and customer support as needed. When the project is concluded, the increased overhead expense disappears from your budget sheet.

MEE Technology's focuses on an iterative approach to product development. This approach eases the pain of project development costs by allowing you to proceed and expend in a step-by-step manner. Each step gets you a little closer to that  "first dollar of revenue" while minimizing risks. Developing an early "Proof-of-Concept" model allows you and your customer to "look and feel" before development advances to a more costly stage. If the product outlook changes, the development and the expense ends, allowing you to move on to the next venture.

MEE Technology provides an alternative to your staffing needs. We can react immediately, operating outside your environment in a "skunk-works" mode, without the normal day-to-day interruptions that occur within your organization, thus speeding your product to manufacturing.

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