MEE Technology can propose a complete design to manufacturing solution or define incremental development task requirements. We will provide you with an estimate of the project based upon the initial conception.

For example, MEE Technology will first provide a general definition of your product with iterative steps that conclude as "progress points." The points will allow you and your customer to review, monitor, and make changes or even cease development throughout the process. More specific progress points may be added later as the need arises.

General progress points include:

  1. Define the idea in technical terms. A preliminary product specification is developed and submitted for approval.

  2. An optional "Proof-of-Concept" is developed.

  3. Propose the development plan, including:

  • Development schedule milestones

  • Estimated costs for design and documentation

  • Estimates of material,  tools and equipment needed to support the design

  • Estimates of PCB  design, fab, and mechanical packaging

  • Estimates for testing, verification, and certification.

  1. Develop the working prototypes for review, demonstration, and verification.

  2. Provide documentation to begin production.

  3. Provide post-development support to insure a smooth production start-up

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