The following is a partial list of selected accomplishments to provide a brief summary of the experience of MEE Technology and associates:

  • Precision temperature control and monitoring system installed as a simulator to verify a railway "hot-box" detector.

  • Industrial electronics control system for  temperature, pressure, and motion control of a plastic mold machine.

  • Design and development of a DGPS guided, Lontalk controlled, automated railway ballast distribution system

  • Locomotive LSI Fuel Gauge, Wireline Distributed Power, and ECP braking system and software design.

  • Wayside Fuel Controller design for electronic control of locomotive refueling.

  • C++ Windows® software design with Graphical User Interfacing (GUI), database design engineering, with multi-thread control and monitoring interfaces

  • C/C++ embedded control software design 

  • Analog and digital circuit design and microprocessor circuit design in avionics and railroad electronics, utilizing schematic printed circuit board layout tools

  • Designs for rugged environments that experience severe vibration, shock, thermal stress and intrinsic safety problems.

  • Software and systems engineering, project management, and budget and schedule responsibility for numerous avionics RF simulators, including GPS, MLS, TCAS, XPDR, VOR/ILS, DME, Mode S, IFF, and Weather radar.

  • Extensive experience in technical project and group leadership



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