• What is "embedded development"?

  • Embedded development is a term used to describe the technique of "embedding" one or more microprocessors or microcontrollers inside a device used to perform a specialized function.

  • Where did MEE Technology obtain experience?

  • Our engineering experience was acquired in the fields of avionics and railroad electronics technology in systems, hardware, and software design.

  • What other areas of technology do you serve?

  • We are highly versatile in our capabilities and can provide solutions for most any area of technology. Our current research topics include:

  • RFID

  • Mesh networks with Zigbee protocol for low data rate and reliability

  • Flexray networks for high data rate  applications.

  • Energy harvesting tools and techniques for battery-less applications

  • How fast can you respond?

  • We can operate as your "skunk works" if desired. This allows us to move very rapidly, turning concept into prototype in a matter of weeks!

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